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My roots...

Pinto, a Portuguese-Jewish name.
The Pinto's are in the 17th century, so emergency forced to wander the world.
This is how my parents came to Morocco. The Portuguese roots, make me a descendant of the Tribe (Tribu) Ait Izdeg, a Berber tribe in Ksr Atmanou Moussa to the High Atlas in Morocco.

Born in the beautiful town of Midelt in an Orthodox Jewish family.
Exactly when is not known, because in remote rural areas (and not only in Morocco) was no registration.

It soon became clear that I could learn well and so I left the parental home at a young age in the larger cities of Meknes, Rabat and Sefrou to study. I studied in Rabat for 'Dayan (Rabbi).

Two migrations

First migration
Like most Jews in Arab countries, my parents decided at some point to emigrate to Israel. I was not going to go, but did it anyway because "the tears of my mother" (as I have mentioned and described in the book "The World According to Pinto).

So I arrived in Israel, where I've had the first but then very difficult to effect, in my work as a teacher and many activities in parallel within the Histadroet (Trade Union) and the Labour Party. There I met miraculously a Dutch girl that I eventually married.

On the Six Day War, I participated in a unit at the front. Ex-mother (now) and
a former teacher of my Dutch ex-wife, sent us a ticket to recuperate a few weeks in the Netherlands'.

Second migration
By confluence of various circumstances did we had to wait in the Netherlands for travel documents from Israel that did not ever arrive. So we remained unintentionally, in the Netherlands (coincidence ???). And so began the "journey" I of which I had no notion how it would go.

Some wisdom that appeal to me:

Oscar Wilde
My best friends are my worst critics.

Sri Chinmoy
Yesterday I was clever, therefore I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, therefore I am changing myself.

La vérité n'est bonne que pour les pensants.
(De waarheid is goed alleen voor de 'Denkers').

Chinese proverb
Who knows himself and others, succeed in everything he undertakes.

Aristoteles, Ethica Nicomache
It's easy enough to get mad. But angry with the right person in the right degree, at the right time, for the right reason and in the right way, that is not easy.

Chinese proverb
Swallowed tears are bitter.

Rob Vreeken
A scientific model must reduce the outline to the complex reality.

Japanese proverb
A picture is worth a thousand words.

What nobody is seeking, is rarely found.

Chinees proverb
Even a journey of one thousand miles begins with a first step.

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