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Boek reactions:

Forward together - Development of participatory policy
& Background information on countries and religions.
(co-author: drs. A.J. van Ree)

Release: 1998, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Some reactions:

  • Drs. J.C. Blankert,
    Chairman association VNO-NCW

    The book 'forward together' by Dr David Pinto of the Intercultural Institute
    in Amsterdam and Mr. Andre van Ree provides a great need.

    It is in the interests of employers and HR departments to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the background information on various migrants and their cultures. The book contains many learning effects for the practice of staff and shows that an integrated policy on minorities is that only in conjunction with good results.

    Good experience in one company to other companies enthusiastic. This should lead to a culture among directors, management, works council, staff officials and the already existing employees. Many tools are so in the book by David Pinto and Andrew Ree handed. Salute you for it!

  • Tineke Netelenbos,
    Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Science

    One of the big gains by (publishing) this book is that gains achieved, good and bad experiences within a section of our society are put at the service of other sections. We do not reinvent the wheel each time to find out.

    This book provides that opportunity. I imagine that many people can feed the knowledge in this book is set. The positive and constructive tone invites so surely.

  • Erica Terpstra,
    Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport

    The book provides a fascinating exposé of migration to the Netherlands in the past, present and future and from there gives a vision of the policy of the present cultural diversity in our country.

    The authors continue taking questions from the set of general (disadvantaged) and advocate such policies in the field of education for some very specific measures.

    I recommend this book for anyone who wants to contribute constructively to deal with cultural differences.

  • Coskun Çörüz,
    MP candidate for the CDA

    Those who do not know where they come from, going nowhere, "is my motto. 'Forward together' communicates and informs and thus helping to break the self-fulfilling negative image of migrants.

    The book stimulates thinking about living together in the mosaic of cultures that characterizes Netherlands. That makes this book worth many different audiences.

  • Ed van Thijn,
    Former Minister of Internal Affairs

    forward together "is an instructive guide to an extremely contemporary migration and integration. It provides a theoretically well-founded, coherent vision of an intercultural society, yet also lots of practical guidance on how these various sectors of society can be implemented.

    Extremely informative and instructive is the chapter on culture and cultural differences, where a distinction between coarse and granular systems. That chapter alone is required reading for anyone concerned with assimilation and integration concerns.

    And in the intercultural society are we all.

  • Lodewijk de Waal,
    Chairman FNV

    As chairman of the FNV, I welcome every step that we can put into a multicultural society that the inspiration and creativity of different lifestyles to the full. 'Forward together' it tries to contribute to fasting by the skewed image information to fight and using lessons learned way forward off.

    That there are other views and approaches is not very conceivable, the authors, as long as they can be substantiated with knowledge of the facts. And I wholeheartedly agree.

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