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Introduction to 'Publications'

How to effectively deal with 'diversity', migration, participation policy and what that is depends, paradoxically, at once both difficult and easy. Think of the task following nine points by only four (4) connecting lines, without lifting the pen.

Some find it difficult
and others even impossible.

As long as one seeks the solution in the usual and customary.

When it goes about people and not about small dots is it common that people search within known and usual areas. This according to the first "motion law" from Newton: that all (objects and people) persist in the same condition.

Familiar and safe. Until a force acts on it.
There is regarding to this issue a second complicating factor: the gap between Western host societies and the values of most non-Western immigrants is immense. Much larger and deeper than we can see and want to accept.

And like the dot task: with the right approach and knowledge does it appear to be suddenly "childishly simple". That is what is meant by the Greek expression: "The truth is characterized by simplicity," and the "Occam's Razor" or "Occam's Razo (Occam's razor).

Here the line runs through my various publications. Of course I have gratefully made use of "experiential expertise" from my own personal two migrations from Morocco to Israel and from there to the Netherlands.


Written in English and published international

Intercultural communication
A three-step method for dealing with differences.

This book is presented in Brussels at an international conference on "diversity".
ISBN: 905350978X - Release: 2000, Garant, Leuven


Written in Dutch and published in the Netherlands.
Note: Titles and descriptions in the overview below are translated into Enlish

Canon for participation and diversity

How is it that migrants and their (grand) children score much worse than other residents? And despite many decades of policy, and great efforts of many billions of taxpayer money? How can and should it be otherwise? What approach will be fruitful? And how should an effective 'Diversity Policy' of companies, organizations, agencies, institutions, programs should be developed and implemented?
These are the questions which this book formulates response. Practical, realistic and achievable, that's the judgment of scientists, politicians, educators, media and practitioners (see Chapter VII). Bright and clear without fear, taboo or penchant for political correctness.

ISBN: 9789013100983 - Release: 2012, Wolters Kluwer -

Education about cultural differences

With the research on which this book is based, the writer acquired the title of doctor (Dr) in the PPSW (Psychological, and Social Sciences Pädagogische) at the University of Groningen (RUG) in 1993.
The book is no longer available at the publisher, but only at the author.

Conflictmanagement and Diversity
co-author: H. Van Doremalen

This book is presented in 2009 at the conference 'Diversity Wide'.
ISBN: 9789031360130 - Release: 2009, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Trans: Intercultural communication: A step further

This book is an extended version of the note written on behalf of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende in occasion of my meeting with him in 'The Tower' (his office) on January 26, 2006 and presented to the former fraction chairman of the SP, in January Marijnissen - (see photo).
Click here to read some reactions from the press about this book »

ISBN: 9789031351329 - Release: 2007, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Intercultural communication, conflict
and Management

The Hague University/TH Rijswijk, has regarding to this book (where I'm sitting in the Supervisory Board), held a symposium at noon Thursday, March 24, 2005 from 14 to 17 hour. The book was then offered to "the most powerful man in the Netherlands," like Cees van Lede (former boss of Akzo Nobel) is portrayed in the press and Minister Rita Verdonk.
ISBN: 9031342955 - Release: 2005, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

The world according to Pinto
Behavior Guide to the New Netherlands.

This book is on January 19, 2005 at the former Minister, Rita Verdonk,
Paul Cliteur and Afshin Ellianin Nieuwspoort in The Hague offered.

ISBN: 9061128625 - Release: 2005, Karakter Uitgevers B.V. - Uithoorn

Imaging and Integration - Integration is the answer?

This book is on April 28, 2004 to former Minister, Rita Verdonk, in Nieuwspoort, The Hague offered.
ISBN: 9031342688 - Release: 2004, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

A new perspective
Review of policy, education, communication, Maslow pyramid urgently needed.

ISBN: 9056291262 - Release: 2000, Oratie - Vossiuspers AUP, Amsterdam

Forward together - Development of participatory policy & background information on countries and religions.
co-author: drs. A.J. van Ree

Presented to the VVD celebrity, Hans Wiegel.
Click here to read some reactions about this book »

ISBN: 9031325341 - Release: 1998, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Intercultural communication theory and practice
(40 cases) on differences + handling method

The first version of this book, published in 1990, was presented to Dr. Ir. Th. Quene, former chairman of the Social Economic Council (SER).
Click here to read some reactions about this book »

ISBN: 9031312991 - Release: 1994, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Intercultural conflicts - Theory and Practice (40 cases)
co-author: Y. Pinto

This book is offered to the former leader of the VVD,
Frits Bolkestein.

ISBN: 9031317799 / 9031312991 - Release: 1994, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

The virus culture differences - Diagnosis and prescription

This book is offered to the former leader of the VVD,
Frits Bolkestein.

ISBN: 9031317934 - Release: 1994, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten

Intercultural orthopedagogics
Analysis of various educational and counseling situations
co-redacteur: J.E. Rink en T. Roggen

ISBN: 9001674364 - Release: 1985, Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen

Hassan in Holland
a new student in class
co-auteur Els Kalkman

This book is written as part of an inter-cultural project and talks about the background of Hassan and his surprise at what was going on at his new school in Amsterdam.
ISBN: 9026209010 - Release: 1983, Publisher Dijkstra Zeist bv.
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