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What others say about us

Our clients over the years have been:
businnesses, banks, governments, semi governments institutions, ministries, municipalities and local government, intelligence services, police, judiciary, army, prison services, hospitals, schools, boards, community centres, social services, etc...
We have extended our services to all levels within these organisations (Supervisors, Managers, Executives).

The following evaluations and comments concerning our work, are representative of the valuations by the participants. We have only stated the name or initials of the participants and not their function or employer, except in instances where principals have indicated that they wish their names to be linked.

Some quotes from students from the organizations mentioned above:

Aart Smit
"I was particularly impressed that the days started with "practical examples" and the system that David pinto had developed"

Stephan de Jong
"I thought that the diversity play during the morning session was instructive"

Martin Langeslag, school principal
"With reference to the evening where you were the speaker (in the debate with Ahmed Makouch on 27 August 2008, regarding Islamic lessons at public schools) I would like to commend you – a better combination of intelligence, unpretentiousness and humour cannot be found."

Scher Günay
"Personally I have enjoyed myself - this during my fast!"

Eeff Verhoeff
"The introductions by David Pinto were clear and appropriate to day-to-day experiences. What made a particular impression on me was the expansion of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs onto that of the collective in cultures (the pyramid of Pinto)."

Statements of intelligence service personnel
(some names omitted for obvious reasons):

"I can use this at work as well as in private life."
"Clearly recognisable and applicable."
"Evaluated as an eight (8) as it is very appropriate at work."
"Pinto’s Theory and Method are applicable to every situation where communication is important."
"Clarifies and explains how to tackle a difficult situation."
"Straightforward and good."
"Hands-on is always best."
"F and G structures simplify and clarify."
"The case studies were presented in an easy going, pleasant manner and will be a tool in future situations."

Further statements:

H.van Lare - Evaluated a nine (9). Very interesting. It has given me a greater awareness.
Useful in community work!!

Leo van der Mey - Mind expanding. Inspirational. Also very useful within the department.

Ruud Tonkes - Much that was obscure has become clear.

Marja van Tol - Interesting, obtained a better understanding of own attitudinal thinking.

M. Ravesloot - Clear- expansive- respectful- not prescriptive.

Hassan El Hougri - Many new angles. Wishing for more!

E.B. - As far as contents and true to life simulation: surprising and very interesting.
With regards to formulating the concept: I think I understand why four (4) days are required.

M.G. - The course is valuable in promoting a greater behavioural flexibility,
connecting with others.

Hillebrandt Mik - Clearly structured course with applications applicable to practical situations.

P.K. - Stimulating session. The theory especially may be used to advantage by team leaders.

R.B. - Practical. Relaxed atmosphere.

Mary Ruedisuli - A sensitive way to discuss the (Broad) concept of Diversity.

Maarten van Beyen - Captivating presentation.

T.B. - Exceptionally inspiring message, educational.
Food for thought and applicable in practice.

Y.B. - Both presentation and theory are captivating and stimulating.
Follow-up is recommended.

H.W. - Well applied presentation to theory.

Marielle Zomerschoe - Full marks! Much to think about.
When I leave for home I am conscious of my shortcomings.

Gerard Spierenburg - Full marks! ‘A World citizen’ Thanks!

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