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Quotes, statements and responses

Jan Marijnissen, Jewish broadcasting,

I think if we are serious about integration in the Netherlands and not make the mistake of assimilating people to demand that we quickly reach the released Pinto method.
He has wrote a great note for the Prime Minister.

Incidentally, in this paper is the third point "utility and necessity of a social services loan "contained in the government agreement of Balkenende IV.
Psychologist prof. dr. Willem Hofstee, member reading committee Dissertation
The contributions that the author has the yellow vert to the humanity and civilization fits the utmostrespect.
Anil Ramds, 'De Groene Amsterdammer', june 13, 1992
The current minorities debate is not launched by Frits Bolkestein, but by David Pinto.
John Jansen van Galen in 'Het Parool'
David Pinto gave in 1988 initiated a change in policies toward immigrants by saying that by care and subsidies were "cuddled death" without having been reminded of their responsibility. The "integration contracts" were the result.
René Zwaap in 'De Groene Amsterdammer', april 29, 1998
Pinto, of Jewish-Moroccan descent, made ten years ago in a history letter to the editor in the Times claiming that immigrants in the Netherlands, "death cuddled. Frits Bolkestein picked up that signal and made it a key element of an equally historic speech inSwitzerland.
Former Minister Hedy d'Ancona in 'Contrast' of december 19, 1999
The government insistence on duty and left wanted was politically correct, and no thirst demands. When David Pinto spoke about the death hug of minorities, I had a Pavlovian response, then I became angry. "How can you say that?", I thought. They are just neglected. While in a sense, he was right
Vrij Nederland
Communications Virtuoso
Talmudic precision
De Telegraaf
He has proven to be an original thinker
Dr. B. Heintzberger, bestuur NVBT
He knows in his inimitable way with the language skills to combine humor, airy and pleasant but still packed with its message that in this way you will never forget! This man is someone you must have at least once met in your life
Control Council, the organization of Christian education,
members meeting with the theme: "Democracy and dilemmas'

Your part is remarkably good. The visitors were on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being low and 5 is high) to indicate what they thought. On average you will reach a 4.5. This puts your contribution over that of the other speakers. A comment was made as a result of your contribution is for example: "High entertainment value, and says many things rake
Owner / Director of Vomar in Vrij Nederland,
about arranging a serious and deep conflict in his company

Pinto does it masterfully. He gives a positive approach to everything.
Publisher Spectrum, NRC Handelsblad, maart 18, 2005
In a beautiful and balanced contribution, David Pinto up there in the Where to go? A few illuminating examples ... "Cultural, spiritual, social and normative values are much deeper into the essence of human beings than the ingrained belief," Pinto writes correctly.
Domestic Governance, anniversary issue November 4, 2005
They were there in the past twenty five years, people with foresight ...! Or David Pinto, now professor of intercultural communication in the eighties and advisor of school guidance services, which are one year long political lobbying unsuccessfully argued for an obligatory integration contract for immigrants. Pinto's vision - the tensions between immigrants and natives are attributed to collisions between modern and premodern values - is now widely accepted. His argument has ever been a controversial law.

Note 1:
First major resistance
It has quite a long time before the above statements and recognition came. I first encountered major resistance, I underwent exclusions and assumptions. When launching the "death hug 'concept, I was even once cursed as" persona non grata "by one (then Labour-er) John Lilipally.

To date, I sometimes suffer from the following reasons. The reason for the resistance has given way to recognition and appreciation, as shown vooreenstaand, but the fumes from the curse some remained suspended unfortunately, the origin of the resistance (no longer) knowing and therefore not easy to fight.

Note 2:
The statements of Dr. Heintzberger Council and the Boards relate to introductions. Besides research, consultancy, publishing and control, Pinto gives many presentations and workshops and conduct forums and discussions, with humor from the Stand-Up Comedian past (See: 'Study and Work').
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