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Prominent meetings


Since the establishment of ICI in 1982 there have been a number of people and associations that we have been associated with at various times- and left me with impressions and perceptions of his or her strengths.

The association with Princess Iréne has been one of the most instructive because her treatment and approach differed so much from that of ours.
That was also the evaluation of the participants to her and my presentation. It was appreciated that we had the courage to present both points of view, irrespective of the differences and leaving it up to the participants to decide for themselves on a possible follow-up. That is the power of belief in one’s own convictions!

I also remember Irene’s pronouncement at the first meeting that we, former colleague Han van Gelder and I, held at her house. “It is no coincidence that you ended up here in the Netherlands, David“ she said to me.

At the time I had already launched the concept of ‘cuddling to death’ of migrants in the Volkskrant newspaper, repeatedly calling for the introduction of a ‘Settling-in Programme’ and recommended withdrawing the funding of the Dutch Centre for Foreigners (Nederlands Centrum Buitenlanders- NCB) as well as scrapping Own Language Education and Culture as it was called at the time, during school time.

Her pronouncement encouraged me to continue undiminished with my ‘conviction’.

I therefore grasped the opportunity to advocate the replacement of the then ‘Immigration Policy’ with a ‘Participation Policy’(supported by a Diversity Policy), lobbying not only via publications but also at the meeting with HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at the New Year’s reception.

I was honoured to have been invited here, and also at the meeting with HRH Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima.

I was presented to them in the company of André Azoulay, adviser to HRH the king of Morocco, in my capacity of President of the Dutch Section of the World Federation of Moroccan Jews.

On a personal level I found the meetings with Gorbachov and the Dalai Lama unforgettable.

It was indeed a great honour to have met such eminent leaders who have changed the course of history.

Increasingly I think that Irene was right and that coincidence is really God’s way of remaining anonymous.

Below are the events that support to my proposition that ‘coincidence does not exist’, starting at my place of birth in a village in the Atlas Mountains right up to the current time and my home in splendid Amsterdam-Zuid:

“Coincidence does not exist”.

DIARY in chronological order with the most recent first.

Meeting with Yitzhak Herzog, Israeli Minister of Welfare.
Prof. Dr. David Pinto ontmoet Yitzhak Herzog - Datum: 01-09-2010
Meeting with Ehud Barak, Israeli Minister of Defense.
Prof. Dr. David Pinto ontmoet Ehud Barak - Datum: 01-09-2010
Meeting with Ourit Nokèd, Israeli Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry.
Prof. Dr. David Pinto meets Ourit Nokèd - Datum: 01-09-2010
Meeting with Avi Dichter, former head of the Shabbak (Israeli AIVD) and former Secretary of Homeland Security, currently a member of the Knesset (parliament Isr.).
Prof. Dr. David Pinto meets Avi Dichter - Date: 08-29-2010
Meeting with Shimon Peres, President of Israel and winner of the Nobel price for peace.
An important and emotional meeting for me!

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Prof. Dr. David Pinto meets Shimon Peres - Date: 04-06-2010
TV recording for the AVRO program 'The Devil's Advocate' in which I oppose Attorney Gerard Spong, followed by a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsh Ballin.
Lunch by Queen Beatrix at her castle Huis Ten Bosch.
Monday 11:00 Called on Ambassador Roland Arnall, representative of the U.S.A. in the Netherlands.
Thursday 12:00 Follow up meeting at the Prime Minister’s office ‘Het Torentje’ in connection with the meeting of 24 December, 2005.
Organised a workshop for the Deputy Secretaries General (DSGS) of various Ministries.
Called on Maurice de Hond for his advice on the feasibility of launching my own political party.
(see sublink ‘Political experience’ under: Autobiography)
Visit the President of Israel.
Second speaker (after Prime Minister J.P. Balkenende) at a conference at De Baak, Noordwijk.
Oranje Fonds distributed a booklet on Respect to all primary school leavers – Group 8 - throughout the Netherlands. The abovementioned (1997) pyramids are introduced as follows: “Maslow and Pinto, two important scientists who both developed a theory on the various motives concealed by people’s action.” It is certainly not without a sense of pride that I mention this, especially in view of the fact that I have never been a full time professor. Indeed, how many (University) professors can lay claim to such crowning achievement of their life’s work?
Prof. Pinto (third from left), with Andre Azoulay, adviser to the Moroccan King to Prince Willem Alexander, Princess Maxima, the Mayors Job Cohen, Wim Deetman and others.
Wednesday 15.45, doctoral candidate Hans Harmsen was awarded his degree under my tutelage. He was my first candidate and did his research on the effects of my (Structures) theory and Method (the Three Steps Method – DSM).
Friday 11:00, VVD-party leader Gerrit Zalm visited me at home to discuss a joint newspaper article, titled (by Gerrit) ‘Is Integration the Answer?’ On 17 October the influential politician Hans Wiegel, returned my telephone call to discuss the preparation and progress of the article.
Offered a Ministerial appointment (see sublink ‘Political experience’ under: Autobiography)
Friday 11:00 Interview for the position of ‘Member of the General Auditor’s Office’.
Monday- maiden lecture following appointment as Professor at Ashkelon as well as at the Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv, Israel (Inter Cultural Communication).
Appointment as Professor in the Chair ‘Inter Cultural Communications at Amsterdam University (UvA). (Chairman of the Curatorium (Selection Commission) Job Cohen), Presentation of the oration lecture at the auditorium on 24 March, 2000
The Pyramid of Maslow and the Pyramid of Pinto formed a part of the matric final exam subject ‘Social studies’.
Tuesday. Obtained a Summary judgment against Johan van Gelder and won. See elsewhere on this website under the sublink: ‘Kort geding’ (trans: Summary lawsuit) at: Autobiography
Royal New Year’s reception at the Palace on the Dam.
Awarded Doctorate in PPSW (Psychology, Education and Social Sciences).
Visit Princess Irene at her residence in Soest.
Publication by the Volkskrant newspaper of the by now well known publication ‘cuddling to death’ (inspired by the experiences gained in West-Brabant).
Speaker at Anniversary Lecture of Tilburg University – birth place of the concept ‘doodknuffelen’
(trans: ‘cuddling to death’).
Founded the independent expertise centre Inter-Cultural Instituut (ICI) (Inter Cultural Institute).
Appointed director of the Foundation Welfare of Foreigners division West-Brabant.
Similar capacity at the school advisory services of the city of Groningen (ABCG) as well as the province of Groningen (RGAB). I was subsequently invited to the Board. On the same date (01.08.1980) I was invited to following position: Develop a curriculum as requested by the then minister for education, Arie Pais to develop a new course ‘Trans Cultural Education’ and was also appointed Coordinating Lecturer. I was obliged to accept an associate lecturer, Mrs Sylvia Bunt-Kokhuis, who had not yet completed her studies and was not up to scratch. This episode was not an unqualified success, but rather a period of constant bickering. However, it was in retrospect a worthwhile learning experience -for further info refer to the heading ‘Publications’ and the column Reconciliation in the Netherlands in the Allochtonenkrant. (‘Newspaper for foreigners’)
Similar capacity at the school advisory services of the city of Groningen (ABCG) as well as the province of Groningen (RGAB). I was subsequently invited to the Board.
Accepted as Consultant non-Dutch Speakers (adviser) at the schools advisory services of the cities of Deventer (50%) and Apeldoorn (50%)

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