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Introduction to the ‘structures theory’

2nd session - Intercultural Communication.
Method how to effectively deal with differences (of whatever nature) with maintaining one's individuality.
Learning Objectives
Following the experience gained in the first session, knowledge about:
  • The relationship between background, thinking and effective communication.
  • Learning the essential difference between the influence of culture versus the influence of other personal data on values and consequently on communication and behavior.
  • Methodical approach to acceptance of differences, where the boundary is indicated.
After a brief explanation of the difference between language, culture, religion, and effective communication, discusses the different structures of rules and codes at all levels (macro, meso and micro), the most 'Granular - ( Dutch: Fijn)' (F) the most 'Coarse - ( Dutch: Grof)' (G) contexts and the impact these differences can have on effective communication with diversity and how to effectively deal with these differences.

The teacher gives the first theoretical framework again. Thus, the continuüm put between the densest (F) and the most coarse (G) structure of behavioral norms and communication rules. This will be discussed with the students, based on a list of the main differences between these two extremes. To effectively deal with the differences (easy edoch effective) Double Perspective (DP) approach and the three step method (DSM) treated.

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